About OptiConcepts

Integrity, Quality, Service.
Not just words - a way of life for us.

Founded in 2000, OptiConcepts provides a custom array of leading-edge fiber optic products and services on a global scale. From electro-optical simulation systems to fiber optic test equipment to components in diagnostic medical equipment, OptiConcepts products are prominent in various applications utilizing optical fiber around the world.


Our expertise includes a broad range of optical, mechanical, and electrical engineering capabilities. We concentrate our efforts on products that assist in the development, deployment, maintenance, and testing of optical communication systems.


OptiConcepts is situated 50 miles northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina within one of the highest concentrations of optical fiber industries in the United States. Our relationship with industry leaders puts us in a position to evaluate and anticipate the evolution of future optical network needs and services.


OptiConcepts was founded with a great sense of integrity, quality, and pride in who we are and what we do. We respect our employees, customers, and vendors. From our values, the services we provide and the products we deliver can be counted on to be world class. Expect the best.