OptiConcepts Releases FiberWarrior Pro™ 24 Fiber MPO Test Set

Hickory, NC, Oct. 15, 2015 – OptiConcepts announces the release of the FiberWarrior Pro™ 24 Fiber Multi-Fiber Test Set.  By testing 24 fiber channels at the touch of a button, the Multi-Fiber Test Set is a complete MPO/MTP test solution and is the fastest polarity tester in the market. Multi-Fiber Test Sets are available in duplex, 12 fiber, and 24 fiber versions and capable of testing insertion loss, back reflection, and all standard MPO polarity wiring schemes.  In addition to MPO/MTP, other high fiber count fiber assemblies can be tested.  Test sets are available in 50µm, 62.5µm, and single-mode configurations.  Visit www.opticoncepts.com for more information.


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About OptiConcepts

OptiConcepts designs and manufactures a vast array of leading-edge fiber optic products and services from electro-optical simulation systems to fiber optic test equipment to components used in diagnostic medical equipment. OptiConcepts is committed to providing high quality, easy to use test equipment by integrating customer needs into world-class engineered products and systems.