FiberWarrior Pro™ Multi-Fiber Tester

 Key Features and Benefits  
• Fastest MPO/MTP™ Insertion Loss Tester on the Market  
• Switched Port Array for Polarity Testing  
• Integrated Dual Wavelength Source, Meter Array, Switch, and Optics  
• Units available for 50µm, 62.5µm, and Single-mode Testing
• Easy-to-Use Setup and Test Process
• Ability to Test Multi-Fiber Assemblies in Addition to MPO/MTP
• Capability to Test Simplex and Duplex Jumpers
• Built in Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
Markets & Applications          
 • Telecommunications
 • Cable Assembly Houses          
 • Enterprise Networks
 • FTTx/PON Testing Compliance
 • OEM/Lab/Manufacturing Environments


The OptiConcepts FiberWarrior Pro™ Multifiber Test Set with Integrated CPU offers a state-of-the-art system for testing, troubleshooting, and documenting multi-fiber assemblies.  The system provides fast and accurate insertion loss and polarity of multiple fiber array connectors such as MPO and MTP connectors.  Multi-fiber cable assemblies with LC, SC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and other connector types can also be tested with ease.  Test results can also be quickly saved and printed using the intuitive FiberWarrior Pro software interface or easily transferred and shared through USB ports, Ethernet connection, or wirelessly via Wi-Fi.



Weight     10.9 lbs (4.9kg)      
Dimensions   10.25 x 11 x 5.25 in (26 x 27.9 x 13.3cm)  
Processor     Intel Celeron Class J1900 Processor    
Operating System  
Windows7® Embedded
Storage 32Gb (larger options available by request)  
RAM 4Gb  
Ports and Outputs (4) USB, Ethernet, VGA Output, HDMI
Operational Temperature 0° to 50°C        
Storage Temperature   -20° to 60°C      
Humidity     ≤95% RH, Non Condensing    
Power Requirements   AC, 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz    
Display     7” Color TFT LCD      
User Input Device   Resistive Touchscreen      
Wavelengths  MM:  850/1300nm, SM:  1310/1550nm (+/-20nm)  
Measurement Time  ~ 5 seconds*  
  1 to 24 (dependent on configuration)  
Insertion Loss Accuracy
Insertion Loss Resolution
Min Back Reflection Return Loss Range
 -30 to -70dB  
Return Loss Accuracy  +/-1dB        
Channel Repeatability
Fiber Type      62.5µm, 50µm, SM
      *IL, BR, and Polarity per wavelength per channel
Visual Fault Locator (Class 2 Laser)
Wavelength   650nm (+/-25nm)      
Output Power Level   <1mW        
All specifications are typical and subject to change without prior notification.    


Detailed Information
The OptiConcepts FiberWarrior Pro Multifiber Test Set with Integrated CPU works as a stand alone system or quickly and easily connects to a monitor via the built-in VGA or HDMI ports.  The test set allows for the efficient testing of multifiber connectors such as 12 and 24 fiber MPO and MTP connectors.  Using a proprietary integrated dual wavelength source and meter array, up to 48 individual tests can simultaneously be displayed and provide the user with a complete set of results within seconds. In addition to insertion loss, the FiberWarrior Pro Multifiber Test Set provides a convenient method of checking the fiber orientation
(commonly referred to as fiber polarity).  The system is pre-programmed with industry standard polarity methods A, B, and C and can also be programmed to your custom polarity needs.   These features ensure array connectors meet industry EIA/TIA mapping standards and reports which fibers are improperly installed.  Optional backreflection allows return loss testing.

In the FiberWarrior Pro Multifiber software, customer information can be added and stored within a given saved test result.  This capability allows for complete product and performance traceability using serialized or custom numbering methods.  For added convenience, high-fiber counts such as 144F and 288F assemblies can be stored under a single file.  Printed test results have never been easier using an optional printer that provides a comprehensive list of test results with the click of a button or using an Export to Excel feature that imports results directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Lastly, Pass/Fail criteria can be easily tracked through the use of preset values and colors to denote passing and failing results.  Connection to the internet is accessible through the integrated Ethernet port or wirelessly via Wi-Fi.  Increase productivity and reduce downtime with this all-in-one testing solution.

Ordering Information

Refer to the FiberWarrior Pro Multifiber Test Set and Multifiber Launch Cable specification sheets for ordering information.