Portable Test Fibers

Optical Simulation with the Power of Mobility.



OptiConcepts' OTDR Launch Boxes provide a calibrated span of optical fiber to evaluate near-end connectors and anomalies in network fiber systems.  The Launch Box is placed between the system under test and an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) to improve the OTDR’s ability to identify passive system components and abnormalities during system qualification and troubleshooting.

Full-Featured Design Offers Maximum Protection & Versatility
Our full-featured design stores both the optical fiber and access connectors in a lightweight, rugged transit case that protects the sensitive optical components against harsh outside plant installation and maintenance environments.  For long haul testing, OptiConcepts’ Launch Boxes are capable of holding single-mode or multimode fiber lengths up to 5km (16,404 feet).  Custom lengths and various connector styles are available, providing the ultimate in convenience and portability.

Get the Whole Picture
An OTDR’s inability to “see” near-end fiber optic connectors at the patch panel severely reduces the effectiveness of testing efforts.  This is due to the relatively slow recovery time of laser pulses reflecting off the OTDR bulkhead connector and subsequently being displayed on the monitor.  Using a properly calibrated length of fiber with high quality components can solve the problem.  This is accomplished by increasing the number of displayed backscatter data points via the launch fiber prior to the first connector pair.  A reflective pulse on the OTDR screen then properly depicts the patch panel connection.





The Confusion with Fusion
Unlike most OTDR launch boxes, our cords are directly connectorized to provide a continuous, high-quality link for OTDR testing.  A fused pigtail within several meters of each connector tip cannot be independently identified on the OTDR and increases the apparent loss of each connector.  This reduces the near-end measurement accuracy of the OTDR.  OptiConcepts’ Launch Boxes are fuse-free to deliver optimum test results.

Quality Products Through and Through
OptiConcepts’ OTDR Launch Boxes are designed with precision and crafted with only the finest materials available to provide you with the best performing, highest quality product.  When reliability is important, count on OptiConcepts.


 fiber_mess_med.jpg   Top Applications
• OTDR Launch Fiber
• Network System Simulation of Loss, Length, and Time Delay
• Equipment Calibration
• Product Demonstrations
• Custom Training Aid
• Research and Development Reference Fiber

Feature Highlights
• Rugged Case Protects Fiber During Use and Transport
• Lightweight
• Variety of Fiber Lengths and Connector Types Available
• Customizable for Training Purposes and OEM Applications
• Waterproof with Lid Closed