Compact and Accurate Fiber Spools

Custom lengths of calibrated fiber that fit on the palm of your hand.

OptiConcepts Compact Fiber Spools™ provide an optimum solution when custom lengths of optical fiber are needed. Compact Fiber Spools are a convenient way to store custom length spans of 250um bare fiber and can easily be concatenated to build various test arrays. Optional connectors are installed to create calibration and quality-control fibers for optical manufacturing and servicing purposes. Standard five inch diameter spools are designed to hold lengths up to 4.5 km. In addition to our standard Compact Fiber Spools, custom product variations including spool sizes, enclosures, and additional connector types are available.

Micro Design
OptiConcepts’ Compact Fiber Spools offer various lengths of fiber in a convenient, light-weight enclosure. These units offer versatile function and portable fiber protection.  Weighing only five ounces, our five-inch Compact Fiber Spool holds up to 4.5 km of optical fiber. Take advantage of the Compact Fiber Spool’sfeatures. It is easier to handle than a large spool of unprotected fiber or a long patch cord. Compact Fiber Spools look and feel much like a jumper.

Portable Flexibility
In addition to our standard Compact Fiber Spools, customer specified spools for any application are possible. Compact Fiber Spools offer the flexibility to be used as single units or as part of a multi spool array for use in various indoor applications. Use Compact Fiber Spools when you need to install or test long lengths of fiber within limited space constraints. Compact Fiber Spools are an example of how OptiConcepts constantly strives to provide innovative products and cost effective solutions to make your job easier.

• Research and Development

• LAN Installation and Certification

• OEM Component

• Optical Delay Line

• Testing and Calibration

• Training 

Key Features & Benefits
• Compact and Light Weight Enclosure
• Custom Size Spools Available

• Custom Fiber Lengths

• Accurate Length Tolerance 

• Time Delay in Nanoseconds to Microseconds


Fiber Types: 

Single-mode 9/125um

Multimode 50/125um Laser Optimized

Multimode 62.5/125um
Spool Sizes:
4.0” height x .875” width (length up to 500m)  

5.0” height x 1.5” width (length up to 4.5km)
Weight: < 1 pound (.45 kg)
Temp Range:  -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C)
Connectors: FC, SC, ST®, LC, Etc. – Ultra and Angled Varieties 

Refer to the Compact Fiber Spool spec sheet for product specifications and ordering information.

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