Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners

Enhance Connector Performance


Keep connectors free from debris with OptiConcepts FOC Cleaners.

OptiConcepts Fiber Optic Cleaners offer several options for cleaning various connectors and connector ports for 1.25mm, 2.5mm and MPO/MTP connectors, as well other connector types.  OptiConcepts FOC Cleaners are rated for 500+ cleanings before needing replacement.

When testing fiber optic systems, all connections should be free from dirt and debris.  This significantly reduces the time needed to troubleshoot a system under test.  Ensuring connectors and connector ports are clean is essential to optimizing fiber system integrity by enhancing connector performance and reducing the likelihood of system failure.

Ordering Information


Desc: Universal Connector Cassette Cleaner 


PN: FOC-SC9392
Desc: 2.5 (FC/SC/ST) Connector Port Cleaner 


PN: FOC-LC9393
Desc: 1.25 (LC) Connector Port Cleaner


PN: FOC-MT6338
Desc: MTP/MPO Connector Port Cleaner 

Refer to the FOC Cleaner spec sheets for detailed product information.

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