Analyzing optical networks

Test, troubleshoot, and document fiber optic networks.

OptiConcepts FiberWarrior Pro™ OTDR offers a state-of-the-art system for testing, troubleshooting, and documenting optical fiber networks. Combining a high performance processor, sophisticated signal processing, and an advanced software design, the FiberWarrior provides users with a high quality solution for analyzing optical fiber in both the field and lab. The modern design allows for easy portability, storage, and reduced bench-top space.  Advanced PWRScan event detection algorithms are utilized for accurate reporting.

The elegant design of the FiberWarrior OTDR features a high-quality 8.4” TFT LCD touch screen that allows the best possible user experience by providing an interface that is easy to view in both dark and bright environments (including sunlight) and vivid, high-contrast color to easily identify specific network elements and user controls. The centrally positioned screen fills the front of the unit while visually optimizing graphs, tables, and other technical information through the carefully designed interface.  

Grips on either side of the display allow the user to easily handle the unit.  For bench top or lab use, the units come with a kickstand which can be removed providing access to mounting holes allowing use of standard LCD mounts.  The customizable touch screen further enhances and simplifies usability by eliminating cumbersome buttons and controls.

Last, but certainly not least, is the expandability of the FiberWarrior OTDR platform to include many other testing modules, including power meters and optical sources. The scalable design will significantly reduce the cost of future testing requirements as well as simplify and reduce additional training necessary with other stand-alone optical test solutions. What's more, the USB ports, Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi capability instantly allow a virtually unlimited number of devices and connectivity methods to save traces, network, print, and email to assist and enhance the opticaltesting experience.

Download the FiberWarrior Pro OTDR spec sheet for available products and specifications.

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