Upgrade Networks with existing equipment

Mode Conditioners are designed for Gigabit Ethernet multimode applications at 1300nm wavelength.

Mode Conditioning Patch Cords are designed for Gigabit Ethernet multimode systems using a 1300nm wavelength.  These specialized cords help avoid differential mode delay signal (DMD) that may occur when long wave transceiver modules operate at both single-mode and multimode wavelengths.  

The Mode Conditioner causes the single-mode transceiver to create a launch similar to a typical multimode launch.  The multimode side of the patch cord is connected to the cable plant side.  The single-mode/multimode side of the patch cord is plugged directly into the equipment.  Various Mode Conditioning Patch Cord lengths and connector styles are available.

•    Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX systems
•    Network installation and upgrades

Key Features & Benefits
•    Avoids differential mode delay (DMD) signal degradation
•    Look and feel of a regular patch cord
•    Designed for long wave (LX) multimode applications

Mode:  50µm or 62.5µm

Fiber Count:  2

Cable Type:  3mm Riser or Plenum 

Temperature Range:  -25°C to 50°C
Humidity:  0 to 95%
Connector Type:  FC, SC, ST, LC – Ultra and Angled Varieties (other styles available upon request)

Refer to the Mode Conditioning Patch Cord spec sheet for product specifications and ordering information.

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