Optical fiber spooling


Custom Fiber Lengths

Save time and money by converting your current fiber inventory into practical, convenient lengths.  We stock various spool sizes ranging from the standard industry sized spools to our own compact fiber spools.  Custom sized spools built to your particular specifications are also available.  These options allow you greater versatility when designing and installing your applications within limited space constraints.

Compact Fiber Spools
Compact fiber spools are a convenient way to store spans of 250um bare fiber and can easily be concatenated to build various test arrays.  Optional connectors can be added to create calibration and quality-control fibers for optical manufacturing and servicing purposes.  Standard four inch diameter spools are designed to hold up to 850 meters of bare fiber; five inch spools hold up 4.5km of bare fiber.

Have It Your Way
In addition to our stock spool sizes, customer specified spools for any application are possible.  Our fiber spools are available with or without optical connectors.  For extra protection, a spool enclosure is offered as well.

Portable Flexibility  OptiConcepts’ Respool Services are designed to effectively spool custom lengths of fiber onto various sized, portable spools.  Our experienced engineers and technicians have spooled over one million kilometers of bare fiber.  Our ability to respool fiber offers ultimate design and installation flexibility.

• OEM Component
• Research and Development Labs
• Training
• Calibration and Testing
• Optical Delay Lines
• Custom Applications

• Custom Size Spools Available
• Flexible Use as Single or Multiple Spool Unit
• Pre-tested Connectorization Option
• Compact Spool Enclosure Option
• Custom Fiber Lengths
• Accurate Length Tolerance
• Time Delay in Nanoseconds to Microseconds

General Specifications

Basic Spool Sizes:
4.0” height x .875” width (up to 500m)
5.0” height x 1.5” width (up to 4.5km)
9.25” height x 4.25” width (up to 25km)

Basic Fiber Types:
Single-mode 9/125um
Multimode 50/125um
Multimode 62.5/125um

See Fiber Spooling spec sheet for product details.

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