Portable connector inspection

View connectors in the field with this portable, high resolution inspection tool.

The USB Connector Inspection System features easy focusing with high resolution imaging.  The system includes standard software that provides image display, image capture, digital zoom, auto calibration, and basic analysis tools.  Pass/Fail analysis and reporting features are optional software features.  The Inspection System scope is fully compatible with the FiberWarrior Pro OTDR as well as other FiberWarrior Pro test sets, providing a full fiber optic testing solution.  

The modern design of the FiberWarrior Pro Inspection System features a 400x digital microscope probe that makes fiber optic end face inspection quick and easy.  The probe plugs into the USB port of the FiberWarrior Pro test set.  A high quality 8.4" TFT LCD touch screen provides an interface that is easy to view in both dark and bright environments, including sunlight.  

The process for using the probe is simple.  Slide the end of the probe over the tip of the connector to be inspected, making sure the probe fully seats on the connector, adjust the focus knob and the endface image appears on the screen. Various connector adapter tips are available for 2.5mm and 1.25mm connectors as well as multi-fiber connectors such as MPO. 


The ergonomic design of the probe enables the user to inspect a number of connections efficiently with little effort.  Optional acceptance software provides quick Pass/Fail results that can easily be saved and shared.  Dirty or damaged endfaces are the number one cause for connector mating failures so inspecting end faces should be included in any fiber optic testing procedure.

Scope Specifications
Magnifcation:  ~ 400x 

Resolution:  0.5um     

Dimensions:  35mm  x 175mm  

Field of View:  ~ 425um x 320um
Weight :  ~ 1 lb.         

Light Source:  Blue LED
Power: USB Port

Download the FiberWarrior Pro Connector Inspection System spec sheet for product specifications.

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