Check for fiber breaks and faults

The VFL-500™ emits a continuous laser light at 650nm.

OptiConcepts VFL-500 is a handheld visual fault locator, used for continuity checks and fault locations in single-mode and multimode optical fibers and components. The VFL-500 emits a continuous visible laser light at a wavelength of 650nm and is designed for use with 2.5mm fiber connector ferrules.  1.25mm connectors can be connected with a short hybrid optical patch cord.  This lightweight, durable unit boasts a battery life up to 48 continuous hours and is designed to endure extreme outdoor and indoor cable installation environments. 


General Specifications

Power Requirement:  2 AAA alkaline batteries

Power Output:  >1mW

Laser Class:  2

Battery Life:  Up to 48 hours with long-life lithium cells (such as Energizer Ultimate Lithium)

Operating Temperature:  -10 to +40C

Storage Temperature:  -40 to +70C


To operate the VFL-500:

Clean the optical connector before inserting the connector into the VFL-500.

Fully insert the connector ferrule into the adapter port on the VFL-500.

Turn the locator on by pressing the on/off switch at the end of the unit to perform the continuity check or fault location.


Battery Installation and Replacement

Turn the VFL off.

Unscrew the adapter head on the front of the VFL-500.

Insert 2 AAA batteries .

Screw the adapter head back into place.  

Properly dispose of any used batteries.

Lens Cleaning

To remove contaminants, use an aerosol duster and/or a foam-tipped swab.  

Carefully clean the adapter port.

Note:  Failure to keep the adapter port clean may result in contaminants becoming lodged in the port.

Warning:  As a safety precaution, never look into VFL adapter port during any maintenance procedure.

Download the VFL-500 spec sheet for specifications and usage instructions.

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