Testing optical fiber networks in the lab

Test and troubleshoot optical fiber networks in a lab environment.

OptiConcepts FiberWarrior Pro™ Desktop OTDR offers a state-of-the-art system for testing, troubleshooting, and documenting optical fiber networks.  Combining a high performance processor, sophisticated signal processing, and an advanced software design, the Desktop OTDR provides users with a high quality solution for analyzing optical fiber in the classroom, lab, and manufacturing environment.  

The small, lightweight design allows for easy portability, storage, and reduced bench-top space.  Simply connect the Desktop OTDR to an existing computer with the USB cord, download the FiberWarrior Pro software and it is ready to use.  No additional power cord or tool is required.  

Through a simple graphical interface, the FiberWarrior Pro Desktop OTDR becomes a window to viewing the health of your optical system by utilizing three modes of operation:  Average Mode, Real-Time Mode, and Auto-Test Mode. 

Average Mode works by quickly and effectively increasing the signal to noise ratio so that anomalies and eventswithin the system are accurately identified and measured.  Using Average Mode, the OTDR confirms whether the physical fiber network is within the proper operational parameters or not by providing the user with a clean scan of the optical waveguide.   

Real-Time Mode offers a unique way of assisting the user during the installation of optical components andtroubleshooting by showing the immediate state of the fiber.  In this mode, users can more readily identify faults that are intermittent and hard to find.  Additional, components such as fusion splices and connectors can beoptimized for lowest loss and minimal reflection by using Real-Time Mode.  

Auto-Test Mode is a great tool for commissioning and documenting newly deployed fiber systems by automating repetitive steps such as searching for system events and naming files in a logical manner, then provides an ultra easy system of documenting the fiber network. 

The FiberWarrior Pro Desktop OTDR is an all purpose, cost effective training tool when used in combination with other OptiConcepts products such as Portable Simulation Test Boxes, Launch Cords, and the FiberWarrior handheld Visual Fault Locator.  The FiberWarrior Pro Desktop OTDR is available in single-mode, multimode, and quad configurations.  

Download the FiberWarrior Pro Desktop OTDR spec sheet for available products and specifications.

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