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FiberWarrior Pro™ Desktop OTDR

desktop otdr

Connect to a computer with a USB cord, download the FiberWarrior Pro software, and this OTDR is ready. 

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FiberWarrior Pro™ MultiFiber

Multifiber test

Quickly and accurately test insertion 

loss and polarity of multi-fiber array connectors, including MPO.

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FiberWarrior Pro™ Duplex Test Set

Duplex Test Set

Easily and accurately test, troubleshoot, and document simplex and duplex fiber cable assemblies.

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EasyC Connector Inspector

Connector inspector

High resolution imaging sensors allow 

easy identification of defects on single

and multi-fiber connector end faces.

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Rack Mountable Test Fibers

rack mount test fiber

Mount calibrated spools of test fiber 

near active fiber equipment in various 

sized enclosures in closets or racks.

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Portable Simulation Fibers

portable test fiber

Evaluate simulated fiber events and 

anomalies with a portable system 

that protects sensitive components. 

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