Easy transport of Simulation Systems

Ruggedized enclosures protect fiber and sensitive components.

OptiConcepts specializes in the design and construction of specialty optical test platforms to accurately simulate your optical system or situation. These precision systems are used to develop and evaluate electronics and optoelectronics while providing a stable, reliable reference to evaluate equipment performance. In addition, a better understanding of your system will help you make the most informed decisions regarding network development.

OptiConcepts Portable Simulation Boxes are designed to accommodate up to 5km of optical fiber and hold as many as three events, such as connector pairs and fusion splices. These boxes typically include 2-two meter length access legs for easy connection to test equipment. These units are ideal for use as OTDR training aids.  

The full featured design stores both the optical fiber and access connectors in a light-weight, rugged transit case that protects the sensitive optical components against harsh outside plant installation and maintenance environments. For long haul testing, OptiConcepts large Portable Simulation Boxes are capable of holding single-mode or multimode fiber lengths up to 25 kilometers. Custom lengths and various connector styles are available, providing ultimate convenience and portability.  

Download the Portable Simulation  spec sheet for specifications and available products.

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