Precise Test Fibers Within Easy Reach

Modular designs allow optical network simulation within convenient rack mounted enclosures.

At OptiConcepts, we work directly with your engineers to create an optical test platform that meets your exact requirements and needs. Precise spans of optical fiber are used to achieve a given length, delay, or loss and mounted in a portable or stationary fixture.  Additionally, optical switches, couplers, splitters, filters, and simulated events (such as fusion splices, connectors, macrobends, etc.) are added as required to route and condition optical signals to achieve the desired effect.  Customized interfaces can be added to control the system accordingly.

We take pride in our ability to design and create test fixtures that are both neat in appearance and optimizes space in order to provide the smallest product possible.  In fact, we can install over half a million meters of optical fiber (that's well over 300 miles) in an assembly that will fit in a standard seven foot equipment rack.

Top Applications
• Design of Opto-electrical devices
• Network System Simulation of Loss, Length, and Time Delay
• Equipment Calibration
• Product Demonstrations
• Custom Training Aid
• Research and Development Reference Fiber

Feature Highlights
• Heavy-duty Aluminum or Steel Frames for Optimum Rigidity
• Easy to Move from Location to Location
• Variety of Fiber Lengths and Connector Types Available
• Highly Customized for OEM Applications
• Easy Access to Optical Components

Download the Rack Mountable Test Fibers spec sheet for more information.

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